What is Reputation Management?

By | September 14, 2014

You might have heard of Reputation Management, but it can be a daunting task finding out what it is, and whether it can help you. Here we explain what reputation management is, how it works and how it can help you…

do+i+need+reputation+managementDo I need Reputation Management?

If you are reading this there is every chance that you do.

Everyone can benefit from online reputation management, whether you are trying to repair the damage from something that is currently affecting you, pre-empting negative search results in the future, or just trying to build a strong and positive internet reputation for the future.

We can help repair and protect the online reputation of businesses and individuals so if you need it for your company or personal use, we have the strategies that can help you. You can contact us any time if you would like to speak to someone about your particular situation.


Will my company be okay without reputation management?company-reputation-build-trust

If people search for your business online and find bad things, they get a bad impression of you.

Negative reviews destroy trust and respect. So if you just allow them to stay there in full view your business reputation will suffer.

One of the worst things you can do is do nothing.

It won’t disappear on it’s own, and the longer it stays there, the more damage it does to your image.


How much does reputation management cost?

repairing+reputation+negative+reviews+about+businessThink about how much you are losing each month by having a bad reputation… The chances are that the cost of a business reputation management campaign will be nowhere near as expensive as doing nothing.

If you don’t repair you reputation you are throwing money away. You have to invest in the cure, rather than ignoring how much money you are losing when people read negative things about you and go to your competitors instead.

It might sound harsh but you have to be realistic. Powerful brands spend a lot of money protecting their image, and if you have a bad image you have to spend some money repairing it.

Remember this… You are paying for a service that not only repairs your reputation, but protects it in the future, and becomes a platform to connect with new customers and get additional business. It is an investment in your company. Reputation management is complete protection and promotion in one.


repairing+reputation+negative+reviews+about+businessDo bad reviews damage my reputation?

Yes they do. A bad review from a customer has the power to take down your company. When people read bad reviews about your business they will not give you their money. What’s worse is that when one person complains about you, it often leads to more negative comments. We have seen many companies that have complaints on forums that are pages and pages long. This all begins with one person posting something about you, a customer reading it, and deciding to share their story.

If you don’t do something about it, it just stays there and steals from you.


online+reputation+management+company+australiaAre all reputation management companies the same?

No they are not. By all means do your homework. We work on our tried and tested techniques and we innovate in the industry. The reason you are reading this now, is because we have succeeded in being seen. You could have clicked on any web result but you clicked on ours. You are reading my words right now because we know how to rank for the phrases you are searching for.

We also know how to rank for the keywords that your customers are searching for, so we know how to protect your business and repair the damage. All companies have their own ways of doing things. They all have different prices, and they all have different people of different levels of skills working for them. The choice is yours.


How long does it take to repair my reputation?

It all depends on how much negative content is out there. How long it’s been there. How powerful these websites are. How established your online presence is. How competitive the phrases are. And what needs to be done.

how+long+does+repution+management+takeWe provide a full proposal for you that outlines our estimated time-frame before we begin, so you go in to the process with your eyes open. If you want to find out how long it will take, contact us today for a free consultation. You can call us free or fill in our contact form.

What do I get for my money?

We develop a complete network of positive assets for you and your business. Our network consists of additional websites, blogs, directory listings, articles, images, videos, social media profiles, press-releases, blogs and bookmarks.

We update this network with fresh, unique content and optimise it to dominate search results. This network is a hub of positive content that promotes you and protects your online reputation.


Can you remove negative search results?

In some cases negative search results can be removed completely. This all depends on what your situation is, but we have successfully removed news articles and websites from search engines.

In cases where the negative search results can not be deleted, we hide and bury them under our network so people only see what you want them to see.


What’s My Next Step?

let us know the problem and we can provide you with a free quote and answer all of your questions.