Need Help Repairing Your Business Image?

If your business reputation has been threatened by negative reviews, or search results that are less then complimentary, you will no doubt be looking for help. It is important to act quickly in order to protect your business image.


What is being said about your business?people-complain-about-business-negative-reputation

If you have scam reports, Whirlpool Forum posts, complaints about your service, news articles or negativity on social media, they tend to rank very well in search results.

This means that whatever bad things people say about your business are easily found by other people.

This looks terrible when a potential customer searches for your company online.

How much bad is there?

Do you have negative search results on multiple websites?

Sometimes people contact us when they have bad reviews on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Complaintsboard, Product Review… You name it.

In many cases bad reviews appear in more that one place so reputation management is essential in order to take back control and repair your company’s image on the Internet.


News Articles Damaging Your Credibility

National newspapers rank very well in Google. They have a large readership and have a lot of authority. So if negative articles have been written and published in these websites, they can be very difficult to hide. We specialise in dominating search results for your business, and appeal to hundreds of algorithm factors. This allows us to displace and demote news articles that say bad things about your business.

Don’t let other people destroy your credibility. Own the search results for your business to protect your brand and build a new positive internet image. Only by controlling what people see will allow you to repair the damage and strengthen your position.


Repair Your Internet Reputation

As long as potential customers are reading bad things written about you online, you are losing out.

When people read things that make you seem untrustworthy your competitors gain on you. Would you do business with a company that has loads of complaints and bad reviews? I wouldn’t, and neither will the people that read them.

We protect your reputation on the Internet and manage how you are seen. This means controlling search results so that when people search for you in Google and other search engines, they find positive and useful things that you want them to see, and no longer find the bad things that you want to hide.

First impressions are everything in business, so when people find that page 1 looks great and that you have a strong internet presense. they feel good about doing business with you. Managing your business reputation is essential if you want to move forward and compete.