Can you remove a bad review online?

Your Business Reputation Can Be Damaged By Negative Reviews

As a business if you have a bad review it is a big problem.

business_reputation_management_australiaIt shows up in search results, usually very high up on page 1 and every time somebody reads it, they are reminded that you have unhappy customers. They then think that you provide a poor service, have bad customer services, faulty products or whatever the complaint may be… In this case a potential customer reads the bad review and decides that they do not want to do business with you!

They then go to your competitors and give them their business instead!

Negative Reviews have to be removed!

So if even if the review is obviously not true, you will want to remove the negative review quickly.

In some cases it is possible to delete a negative review completely… In many situations though this is not possible; as business review websites and popular places such as Google and Yelp have complex algorithms, and do not want to delete a negative review… even if it is fake, fraudulent or completely unfounded. They have requests to remove reviews quite frequently and they do not easily remove them.

Hiding & Suppressing Negative Business Reviews

people-complain-about-business-negative-reputationSo how do I repair my business reputation?

The negative review must be suppressed, hidden and replaced by highly optimised content that outranks it, pushes it down where people no longer see it. This is not a simple procedure… it has to be done through the advanced search engine optimisation techniques and brand building.

The real problem comes from having a negative review when you don’t have complete control of search engine results for your business.

Managing Your Business Reputation

By taking control of the search results for your business you get to control what people see when they search for your company online. We provide complete online reputation management for businesses and individuals of all sizes… so if your business is suffering from negative reviews or search results of any kind that you don’t want people to see… Contact us now for a FREE QUOTE

free-reputation-management-quoteWe protect your online reputation and ensure that potential customers to see positive information that you want them to see. We develop a complete network of websites that strengthen your image.

You don’t have to suffer from negative reviews or search results. We are here to help!

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